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Justin Hilbert’s Portfolio


Web Copy & Content Management

Lost Beach

I researched, planned and wrote all of the copy for this tours website. I played a large role in UX & page format and acted as the liaison between the development team and the client. I also sourced the images.

Fansided Odds

I was the content strategist and head editor of this Fansided sports page on behalf of SBR Netmarketing’s high-dollar marketing buy (exclusive link building) for Sportsbook Review.

GreenLit Design

This LA-based branding and web solutions agency trusted Justin Hilbert (SubCulture Media) to create all of the copy for their website. GreenLit was very particular about the voice of the copy needed for maintaining brand consistency.

SBR Picks

I am the former Editor in Chief of and all of its pages. I created content campaigns, strategies, reviewed analytics, A/B tested against KPIs, SEO, and on-page marketing efforts.


Highly Engaging Articles For Social Media & SEO Support

Improve your client relations and build a solid reputation

A short and sweet article written about brand reputation for another digital agency.

Reshaping your marketing for the eyes of millennials

This was written for an experiential & festival marketing firm based out of Madrid, Spain.

A Perfectly Crafted Paradise

This short piece about craft beers was printed in food and beverage magazine in Colorado.

Cowboys Prepare for Rivalry Battle With Eagles

Ghostwritten and published on This is a prime example of changing style and writing for a specific audience.

Community Under Attack From Zombies

This was written as a mock news piece, published an English-speaking, Costa Rican newspaper under my old pen name, Cadence Strange. It garnered a lot of attention and went viral.

How to successfully Meet Women

Psychological tips and dating advice for the Gentlemen’s Blog of Luxury matchmakers. This is a very highly-researched, entertaining, and useful piece.

CG+D Case Study | Hassell St. Location

A short case study for a design company to get their worked featured on a contemporary design website.

Travel Costa Rica | Day and Night | The Facts on Prostitution

Written for internal linking SEO support and social shareability do to the taboo nature of the content.


Email & Collateral Material

IFBC Responder #2

Not only did I build the website for this event, but I handled the email marketing campaign to fill the chairs. The open and response rates were outstanding, as high as 80% with click-through rates as high as 60%.

High Conversion Rates

The Majority of my Emails have an immensely high success rate! Killer subject lines get them opened, and the psychologically-based, demographically targeted content within generates much higher than standard click-through rates.

Dating Service Email

The first piece of copy I wrote for this client was a Youtube script. After that, I started writing articles and when the very first email I wrote for them produced handfuls of new clients, the floodgates opened!

Dating Service Email #2

After the success of the initial email, I was trusted with access to the Email Delivery Service + CRM and was tasked to completely handle the email campaigns from there on out. This example is one that I created for New years, taking advantage of the fact that self-improvement will be on most peoples’ minds.

Dating Service Email Valentines

A short-form email designed to get readers over to the website and let the content convert them from there. Needless to say, the client was ecstatic about the high click-through rates and had me writing weekly emails as well as specials like V-Day & NYE.

IFBC Responder #1

Not only did I build the website for this event, but I handled the email marketing campaign to fill the chairs. The event went viral when ESPN, Yahoo Sports, CBS etc. picked up our interview with Johnny Manziel.

Collateral: City Insider's Guide

I was tasked to do an Insider’s Guide for the city of Jaco. This is a prime example of collateral material that companies can use either to prep for the sale or support the sale after the fact.

Collateral: Hotel Bedside Directories

Another example of printed Collateral Materials. You find these Guest Service Directories on the table or nightstand when you check into your room. at La Paloma Blanca and the Palms Hotels.

Direct Mail marketing Proposal Presentation on Behalf of Lucky 7 Agency

I created this sales-letter-like presentation to use as a pitch tool and something to base the entire proposal on. Shortly after, a deal was struck. Though not for direct mailing, instead, digital marketing.


Sales Letters


A semi-passive sales letter that was used in a craigslist campaign across Western Canada and Central America. This was the very first marketing campaign for a start-up business. The direct response was enough to kickstart the business and get them off the ground with a running start.

Online Sportsbook

One of two sales letters I wrote to accompany the direct mail marketing proposal above. This was later changed and adapted to electronic mail format using similar principals of sales for the digital marketing contract gained out of the sales pitch.

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